Angular Medellin is Not a Meetup Anymore ✋

Juan Herrera
3 min readDec 12, 2018


According to Wikipedia, a meetup is a periodic informal meeting for people with similar interests.

Angular Medellin has been a meetup for the past year and a half, but not anymore ✋.

Today, we are changing our definition of community. Because a community is far beyond a meetup. We didn’t know what it was, and we didn’t have the courage to ask, until now 💥.

During the past weeks, the organizing team and I have spent countless hours trying to understand our member’s needs much better. Just as you would do in a company, we conducted surveys, brainstormed ideas, removed past assumptions, and started again from ground zero 👶.

The conclusion was evident, we just never looked at it in the face: Our members need knowledge, hands-on experience, a place to learn the things they daily struggle with 💪.

Some could argue that we did it through the VIP Workshops or the Angular Labs. But were our efforts aligned to meet our member’s needs fully? No.

  • We didn’t conduct them periodically enough
  • They could only gather 10 to 20 people
  • And the infrastructure was lousy

Well, that’s gonna change today.

Today, Angular Medellin is introducing a new format: Mega Workshops

What is a Mega Workshop? ⚡

It is a massive, on-site workshop conducted every 2 months to teach relevant topics to our members.

1. Is it free? 💳


2. How many people would you expect to allow? 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

They are aimed at having 150 people simultaneously learning.

3. Can your infrastructure support 150 people? 🔌

The mega workshops are our bet for 2019. All our budget will be aimed at renting the best venue with blazing internet and delicious snacks.

4. How do you pretend to teach a workshop to 150 people simultaneously? 👀

We have a proven methodology 💪, it involves volunteers, collaborative learning and, a carefully designed workshop. We used it last year at NgGirls, and it was a success. We are confident we can repeat the stunt.

5. Will you accept volunteers to collaborate? 👧🧑

Definitely. We have a list of the most qualified people already but we are opening the door to anyone who has the skills and the passion for sharing knowledge.

6. Are you removing the talks completely? 📢

No. Our members also need to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest news and trends. That’s why every mega workshop will start with 3 lightning talks featuring knowledge that is relevant to the audience. After that, we will get hands-on right away.

7. Do people need to bring their laptops? 💻

Yes. We believe learning is best achieved when you do it yourself. Yet, don’t worry if you don’t have a laptop, we will pair you up.

8. Do people need to sign up? 📋

Our doors are open to anyone who is willing to learn. We are doing our best to get rid of bureaucracy, so you just to need to show up.

9. When is the first Mega Workshop? 🙌

It will happen in between January and February. Stay tuned on

Thanks for reading! 🙏

UPDATE: All the codes for the Angular course were given away. Special thanks to Jhonatan Plata! 💙



Juan Herrera

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